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My Legs DA What's going on! A few hours and you've changed this,why you gotta play me like this? You'll be happy to know I've already crashed the site 2 times in the first 10 minutes. That is a talent. Exo : XiuMin Wink 

Look How Far We've Come

"It's strange really isn't it?" (Y/n) said, as she brushed her thumb over the infamous white glove, that belonged to the most famous runner in the world... Sonic the Hedgehog...her husband.

"What is?" Said husband said as he looked up from their intertwined hands, into her (e/c) eyes.

"That 4 years ago, you didn't know I existed."



Today she would ask him.



The blast of wind caught her hair, it flew back away from her face, her eyes darting to catch a glimpse of the blue flash before it vanished further into the race. If only for once he would slow down enough to see her.


"That's not true!" The blue haired runner said, hurt flashing through his eyes. "I always saw you. Always"


Trees, now that's what they should be, according to his brain that was frantically calculating all his eyes were taking in as he sped down the track, or at least that's what those green and brown smudges could be, the could also be very peculiar buildings, who knows?
But there was one tree that he always knew exactly what it was, or more importantly, what was underneath it.
A beautiful girl who was always positioned under that tree whenever he ran here, with the brightest eyes, that squinted in the sunlight of the hotter days.

One Day.

One day he would speak to her.



And before he knew it, her image was gone from her vision, getting smaller and smaller in the background, if only he could speak to her.


"Hey! Excuse me, sorry, I have to get through. Thanks. Miss! The one with the (h/c) hair, stop walking!"

(Y/n) looked up from where she was, slowly coming to a stop, not sure if it was her,because if it was, and if she was correct, that was Sonic coming towards her.
And she was right.

"Sorry about that, I didn't mean to sound rude, but I wondered if you would like to maybe grab a drink sometime?" The blue haired runner said as his eyes searched her face,taking in every detail. Surprise visible on his face by his sudden confidence.

"Yeah...Yes that would be nice." She said nodding her head, always looking towards the floor though. Being shy was a damper on her charm usually, but he seemed to like it. 

"Sorry, I don't even know your name, I'm Sonic and you are?"

"(Y/N)" she said, extending a hand towards him. 

"Well,what's keeping us, why don't we go now?" Sonic said as he pulled (Y/n) along by the arm.

"Amy's Cafe, this is my favourite place, you want to go in?" He announced as they walked up to the cafe, nodding her head they walked in together.

2 hours, 2 hot chocolates, a cookie and one slice of pie later, and (Y/n) found herself stood outside the cafe, in the dimming winter sunlight, facing towards the person she had watched from afar so many times.

"Well, thank you, it was lovely really." (Y/n) said hurriedly filling the silence.

"Yeah it was, well look, I've gotta go now." Sonic said as he placed something is her hand, turning to walk away.

(Y/n) felt a cry stick in her throat, was that it, just a chat I guess.
"Bye." She whispered as she looked at the runner move further away from her. He span around.
"For now. Unless that wasn't the first date you were looking for, which in that case, there will be many more to come, but only if you answer my question..." He cheekily smiled as he gestured to the napkin that was still scrunched in (Y/n's) hand. She opened it.

How do you feel about dating runners?

(Y/n) smiled, looking up at the waiting runner.
"Well, I've never done it before, but it has always been on my bucket list." She smirked, a wave of confidence surging through her.
A grin spread across Sonic's face.
"Well until then, I guess you will have to make do with the other side of the tissue." 
(Y/n) looked back down to the napkin, flipping it over to read.

07856775349- Sonic ;)

She smiled as she looked up, expecting to meet the wide eyes of the runner, but only to be met with the empty, black of the evening.
Turning to head home,she typed the number into her phone, this was a number she would not soon be forgetting.

"Amy's Cafe." 
"Our favourite place." (Y/n) finished the sentence, not missing a beat. Sonic laughed with her as they entered the cafe together.
Today was the 3 year anniversary of that first date her,in Amy's place, and it was going to be special.
"A table for the lovely couple." Amy said as she led them to the best seats in the place. Smiling as she took the orders and left the couple to it.
"To 3 years and many more!" Sonic said as he held up he glass in a toast. Clinking his glass as (Y/n) smiled, she could not be happier if she tried.
-----------------------------------------very short timeskip (2 hours)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"That was wonderful, still 3 years I can't believe it!" (y/n) said as they stood in front of the cafe in the dark evening, the faint glow of the cafe illuminating the couples face.
"There is actually something I want to give you." Sonic said as he pressed something soft into (y/n's) hand.
Unfurling the gift, (y/n) found it was a napkin, smiling as she turned it over to read...

How do you feel about marrying runners?

(Y/n) looked up to where her partner had been moments before grinning, when he wasn't there panic filled her body, until she felt a tap on her leg. Looking down she found Sonic, on one knee, presenting a red velvet box displaying the most beautiful ring she could have ever imagined.

"Well, I've never done it before, but it's always been on my bucket list." She grinned as she held her hand out.
Tonight would be a night she would not soon be forgetting, or any moment that would pass after.

Sonic x Reader Commission for GameGirl95
Hello there!Hi 
Sorry to GameGirl95, for this has taken so long, I do hope it is to your liking; I must admit this was not something I would normally do, so sorry if it's OOC. But heyho I tried ;)
As always comments and faves are love, and I hope to see you guys soon.Icon #3 - Dance Dean, dance! (Harlem Shake) 
Hello! Lovely to see your faces again after 3 weeks with no WiFi. It was tough.

And let me just say, what's up with the site?! I am taking like years for find an easy way to get to stash ect. Urgh! I am not accustomed to change.

I will get back to the fics asap.

Once I find stash.



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Lauren Pring
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Ok. So 15 year old British fangirl here of pretty much everything, I am very unsociable in real life but here on the internet, I am very friendly, I hope. I mainly write but I do dabble in art, sometimes.

I am always up for a chat and any prompts or whatnot , so don't be shy, say hello! :)

As always my commissions are open.

Seeing as I get bored easily, and seeing as shooting the wall is not socially acceptable, and I haven't quite mastered time travel, I am usually on here, when I should be revising. Feel free to send me a message and start a conversation, as I do get lonely here :)
See you soon hopefully ~ Lauren

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Fanfic commissions
So I have decided to make commissions available because I can. If you want one I'm right here ;)

I will mainly do X Reader inserts, but I am more than happy to give other ships a go.

Fandoms I will do
° Marvel/ Avengers ect
° Sherlock
° Supernatural
° Harry Potter
° Star Trek

° these are not all, but the main ones I can think of right now, there are so many to choose from.

* If there are any other fandoms or characters you want, just ask. I may be familiar with them ect and will be more than happy to give it a go!

You can give me an exact plot you want me to follow or be vague and only give me the character, I can do whatever you want. ;)

No lemons
That is all

Thank you! I hope to speak to you soon.



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