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You must watch Frankenstein! I watched it with Benedict as the monster, and wow! The effects and the way they have chosen to represent the monster as opposed to Frankenstein. Just do it!
Accidental Declarations

It had been 2 months, 4 days and roughly 14 hours since Katherine had moved into the tower, and Loki had first met her. That was 2 months, 4 days and 14 hours of her floor being directly above Loki's, of shared elevator trips to the lounge and of stolen glances, but never, was there any conversation. Ever.

That's right, Loki, the sass lord and conversationalist would not speak to this Katherine. He was scared, in fact petrified she would remember him, the banished prince, her so called "guardian angel" a phrase that he was sure she would spit at now if she were to hear it. Because nobody cares for the fallen, skinny, pale prince. Definitely not one who visited her when she was a kid.
And that is why he kept his mouth shut, being forgotten by the one he desired so is better than being despised by them. And he would take that fate over the latter any day.

Even if it tore him apart.

5 months, 17 days and another 14 hours give or take a few minutes, and Loki was yet again sharing the elevator with Katherine to the lounge, keeping his mouth shut, allowing only his eyes to slide over her body. Memorizing every inch, that one hair she hates, and her white shoes that had yet again gotten muddy and the way she was about to open her mouth.
Wait, what?!

"I remember you."
"Remember me from what?"
"You know just what I remember you from, the fallen prince, the guardian angel or at least the one that left me." The words were both venom and wine to his ears.
"I did not choose to never return,I simply chose to stay in the present time. I chose not to harm you, and I chose to keep my love to myself!" Loki spat the words as they tumbled clumsily from his brain through his mouth and out, not once taking in just how much was being said.
Well shit.

He was met with silence, the very thing he chose to hide in before now stood between him and Katherine, mocking him, teasing him with possible reject and coldness.


The elevator doors opened, this was his getaway. Quicker than Katherine could ever have imagined Loki was out of her sight before her brain could come up with an appropriate response.

"And I choose now to share my love with you, the love I chose to keep to myself as well." Katherine said as she decided to go back to her room, socializing is not what she needed right now. If only Loki could have heard from his hiding spot.

Why did you say that you stupid idiot? Oh hey there Katherine, in the first full sentence I say to you I'm going to declare my undying love to you because that's the best idea to do right now. And you know what, why not just shout it at her, intimidate her and scare her, you really could've been Cupid in another life!
Loki's argument with himself was cut short when he heard a knock at his door.
"Loki? It's Katherine."
Now this. Is going to be fun.

Katherine had been sat in her room for over an hour and a half,reminiscing of times gone by. Of Loki's visits and the way she read her Norse Mythology book, which was currently on her bedside table, the pages and leather worn excessively.Of all of the awkward elevator rides, how she studied him in his reflection of the cold,metal elevator doors. And of how much, Katherine was in love with Loki, completely and undyingly in love.

"Loki,  I wanted to speak to you about earlier." Katherine started, Loki holding back the screams of excuses that were banging against his teeth with such thought he was sure they would shatter. He knew she wasn't confident,and stopping her would only make this worse.
"I... I am choosing not to hold back my love, I am only hoping you will let your love be free as well." Katherine said as she looked into Loki's eyes, blue mixing with green as she tucked that bit of hair behind her ear, for it to spring back out seconds later.

"Katherine, I have, and always will love you, and if you will have me, well I choose to let my love be free, it is yours." Loki said as he stepped forwards towards Katherine. 
"Remember Katherine, if no one else in the universe loves you, just remember that I do." He said as he closed the gap between them, sealing thecdeal with a kiss.
Commission for ViralBeat
Finally done! It has been missed and postponed so many times due to lack of wi-fi and school work, but it is done!
I hope it is alright, this is my first Characterx fic. Hope you enjoy.

Remember commissions are always open THEY NEVER CLOSE. And comments and faves are love!
See you soon ~Lauren
I'm Back Everyone!
Yes, I've been away since Friday In France and Belgium on a trip to the battlefields and memorials of WW1, it was eye opening to say the least. I will get back to writing asap, but I'm going back away on another holiday today, so ViralBeat, I'm sorry your commission is nowhere near done, I apologise for the wait. But when I get back I will get started right away :) 

Oh and one more thing,

I HAVE 20 WATCHERS. Look at that round number, how beautiful, I know it doesn't look like a lot, but it means a lot to me, thank you so much. :D 
Hello! Lovely to see your faces again after 3 weeks with no WiFi. It was tough.

And let me just say, what's up with the site?! I am taking like years for find an easy way to get to stash ect. Urgh! I am not accustomed to change.

I will get back to the fics asap.

Once I find stash.



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Lauren Pring
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Ok. So 15 year old British fangirl here of pretty much everything, I am very unsociable in real life but here on the internet, I am very friendly, I hope. I mainly write but I do dabble in art, sometimes.

I am always up for a chat and any prompts or whatnot , so don't be shy, say hello! :)

As always my commissions are open.

Seeing as I get bored easily, and seeing as shooting the wall is not socially acceptable, and I haven't quite mastered time travel, I am usually on here, when I should be revising. Feel free to send me a message and start a conversation, as I do get lonely here :)
See you soon hopefully ~ Lauren

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Fanfic commissions
So I have decided to make commissions available because I can. If you want one I'm right here ;)

I will mainly do X Reader inserts, but I am more than happy to give other ships a go.

Fandoms I will do
° Marvel/ Avengers ect
° Sherlock
° Supernatural
° Harry Potter
° Star Trek

° these are not all, but the main ones I can think of right now, there are so many to choose from.

* If there are any other fandoms or characters you want, just ask. I may be familiar with them ect and will be more than happy to give it a go!

You can give me an exact plot you want me to follow or be vague and only give me the character, I can do whatever you want. ;)

No lemons
That is all

Thank you! I hope to speak to you soon.



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